Respect for Law Camp is a great opportunity for local youngsters to learn respect for the law by giving them a close-up look at local law enforcement in an action-packed weekend. Learn more.

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Top Gun Award

top-gunOne of the activities that takes place on Saturday morning is the F.B.I. Pellet Gun Course. Every member of each platoon is given a pellet rifle gun and shoots at silhouette targets. The camper with the closest pattern in each platoon is named the platoon Top Gun.

In the afternoon, the entire camp meets back at the target range for the Top Gun shoot-off. The Top Guns of each platoon aim for six metal targets, which are attached to a timer. The platoon Top Gun with the fastest time then becomes the Camp Top Gun.

Prior Award Recipients

2013 – Logan Hyde, Blue Platoon (3.36)

There can only be one Top Gun

2014 – Sean Mondello, Blue Platoon (3.25)

Law Camp 2014 Top Gun

2015 – A.J. Ferneding, Red Platoon (3.78)

2016 – Sydney Prichard, Silver Platoon (5.71)

2017 – Claire Fox, Silver Platoon (4.06)