Respect for Law Camp is a great opportunity for local youngsters to learn respect for the law by giving them a close-up look at local law enforcement in an action-packed weekend. Learn more.

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RFL Staff and Support

2016 Award Recipients

BLUE Platoon
Best Camper – Katie Gabbard
Brian Rowe Spirit Award – Nicholas Engelhard
Most Improved – Emma Fields
Top Gun – Weston Peck

GOLD Platoon
Best Camper – Jamyllah Roundtree
Brian Rowe Spirit Award – Cora Tackett
Most Improved – William Holthaus
Top Gun – Austin Farthing

GREEN Platoon
Best Camper – Macy Caudill
Brian Rowe Spirit Award – Allisza Dixon
Most Improved – Dillon Richardson
Top Gun – Macy Caudill

MAROON Platoon
Best Camper – Jacob Wilzbach
Brian Rowe Spirit Award – Emily Medecke
Most Improved – Johnathan Freitas
Top Gun – Jacob Wilzbach

ORANGE Platoon
Best Camper – A.J. Ferneding
Brian Rowe Spirit Award – Zachary Ewert
Most Improved – Crystal Lawrence
Top Gun – Hunter Settles

PURPLE Platoon
Best Camper – Michael Cordray
Brian Rowe Spirit Award – Zoe Moore
Most Improved – Jessa Fall
Top Gun – Brady Flick

RED Platoon
Best Camper – Trista Mart-Williams
Brian Rowe Spirit Award – Raegan Francis
Most Improved – Martin Philip
Top Gun – Lethan Graham

SILVER Platoon
Best Camper – Sydney Prichard
Brian Rowe Spirit Award – Matthew Vaughn
Most Improved – Victor Steele
Top Gun – Sydney Prichard