Respect for Law Camp is a great opportunity for local youngsters to learn respect for the law by giving them a close-up look at local law enforcement in an action-packed weekend. Learn more.

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RFL Staff and Support

2013 Award Recipients

BLUE Platoon
Best Camper – Tara Morris
Brian Rowe Spirit Award – Colin Harrington
Most Improved – Cora Tackett
Top Gun – Logan Hyde

GOLD Platoon
Best Camper – Hannah Quigley
Brian Rowe Spirit Award – Curtis Murphy
Most Improved – Christina Johnson
Top Gun – Adam Blalock

GREEN Platoon
Best Camper – Zachary Moore
Brian Rowe Spirit Award – Hannah Carlson
Most Improved – Caleb Morgan
Top Gun – Zachary Moore

MAROON Platoon
Best Camper – Nicole Richardson
Brian Rowe Spirit Award – Hunter Prichard
Most Improved – Kayla Zianno
Top Gun – Hunter Ortiz

ORANGE Platoon
Best Camper – Tyler Ballauer
Brian Rowe Spirit Award – Allisza Dixon
Most Improved – Ricky Haskell
Top Gun – Tyler Short

PURPLE Platoon
Best Camper – Dakota Kiefer
Brian Rowe Spirit Award – Emily Squance
Most Improved – Brandon Lanier
Top Gun – Luke Saurber

RED Platoon
Best Camper – Kaylee Huston
Brian Rowe Spirit Award – Taylor Neal
Most Improved – Matthew Sons
Top Gun – Justin Garcia

SILVER Platoon
Best Camper – Garrett Gilkison
Brian Rowe Spirit Award – Hunter Gibson
Most Improved – Rachel Ransbottom
Top Gun – Rieley Thorpe